Renewed Art
Art met social conscience this March with the opening of a month-long exhibition at the Opera Gallery in Central. Forging human effigies from discarded chains, portraits out of floppy disks and amazing photo montages, the Urban Renewal theme was provoked by a global responsibility to “renew, recycle, and reinvest.” The opening night on 8 March brought together four notable artists: Seo Young-Deok, Nick Gentry, Yves Krief and Olivier Dassault.
1 Inez Chow, Michael Butcher, Mila Pujol and Paolo Costagli • 2 Shirley Yablonsky and Michel Jospe • 3 Adrian and Jennifer Scott • 4 Alan Harden and Karen Li • 5 Kitty Tam and Jonathan Macey • 6 Anastasia and Damian Chunilal • 7 Seo Young-Deok • 8 Susan Smith • 9 Erwin Lüthi, Shasha Tittmann and Alice Kim
…